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The natural park of La Maddalena is the first national park in Sardinia, the only one in Italy formed by the territory of one municipality. It has been created by the law No. 10 on the 4th of January 1994; its managing system has been established by Decree of the President of the Italian Republic on the 17th of May 1996.

It is a marine park that extends over a surface - between land and sea - of 18,000 acres (5,134 hectares of land and 13,000 hectares of sea surface) and 180 km of coastline. The National Park includes all the marineand land area of the La Maddalena that consists in all the islands and islets belonging to the municipality of La Maddalena.

The scope of the national park is to provide as well assistance, protection and hancement that affect the population. At same time, they allow the availability of environmental, historica and cultural resources, and keep alive the traditions in the Archipelago.

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